Pediatric Dentistry


Child dentistry:

Child dentistry is a special branch of dentistry catering to children and all their dental needs.At
ivory smiles we try to appeal not only the children but also the parents, in an attempt to counsel
them in ways and methods of taking care of their children’s oral health from the very beginning.

Services available

  • preventive dental care including fluoride varnishes and pit and fissure sealants
  • Restorations/tooth filling
  • pulpectomy(root canal treatment)
  • stainless steel crowns
  • preventive and interceptive orthodontic treatments
  • dental treatments for children with special health care needs

Our pedodontist,Dr Saranya has been exclusively practising paediatric dentistry and lays a lot of emphasis on preventive dental care. She is adept at performing all kinds of dental treatments for children of all age groups and for children with special health care needs, she also actively performs dental treatment under general anaesthesia If required.

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