Full mouth rehablitation


Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants:

A full mouth or a full arch rehabilitation involves permanently restoring a full arch of teeth with dental implants.Using the support of 4 or more implants a full set of teeth in the upper or the lower arch or both can be restored. This is one of the best treatment options available for treating patients who have lost a complete set of teeth and also in patients with severe bone loss.

All on 4 concept:
The all on 4 treatment concept is a cost effective and minimally invasive treatment that involves the placement of 4 dental implants per arch. The available bone is utilized to place two straight and 2 tilted implants which are later used to support a full arch of teeth.
Dr Amruta Dash, is a certified all on 4 provider at ivory smiles dental clinic.
Speak to her for more information on the all on 4 treatment concept.

All on 6 treatment concept:
In cases where adequate height and volume of bone is available, 6 straight implants can be placed and a complete set of teeth can be given which are fixed to these implants.

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