If you are above forty and have lost most teeth due to poor oral hygiene, an accident or gum disease you may observe that your face looks old and flat. This is because the jaw bone has receded (or reduced in height) and the skin around your mouth is sagging to give you an aged look. So how do the dental implants give back your young looks or make you appear younger?

How Missing Teeth can make you look older?

When teeth are present, the root of the teeth constantly gets stimulated by the pressure exerted by upper and lower teeth while chewing food. This stimulation helps to keep the jaw bone stronger and healthy. As they are stimulated the jaw bone constantly de-mineralizes and then gets re-mineralized as a process. This process happens naturally and is a biological phenomenon.
When a tooth or a set of teeth goes missing, this stimulation is not present or is missing. In the absence of stimulation, de-mineralization becomes one-way traffic and takes over. No enough re-mineralization of the jaw bone happens. This leads to a recession of jaw bone or a loss in the width and height of the bone. This deterioration of jaw bone is gradual and over a period of time, the results are conspicuous. The cheeks and lips now appear sunken to give an aged appearance

How can Dental Implants Prevents Bone Loss?

If you have many missing teeth, you can visit Dr. Amruta Dash, our chief implantologist to get an expert opinion. All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants are used to replace multiple missing teeth. All dental implants have an artificial root-like structure. This integrates with the jaw bones and provides stability. After placing a dental implant, the bone loss is arrested as the most important function of the implant is to stimulate the jaw bone. Overall, the dental implants prevent the jaw from collapsing by preventing bone loss and the crowns mimic the natural teeth, providing a natural smile.

Best Options For Dental Implants!

The placement of dental implants depends on various factors and is a personalized treatment. The factors depend upon the number of teeth that are missing as well as the quantity and quality of bone present. Below are some of the situations where dental implants can be helpful in replacing lost teeth:

    • Loss of a single tooth:  With adequate bone support, the replacement of a single tooth with an implant can be done. Generally, replacing a tooth meant wearing a removable partial denture (RPD) or trimming the adjacent natural tooth structure to create a fixed bridge of dental crowns. The RPD can be quite uncomfortable to wear and may affect speech and taste. The dental bridge, although a good option, may compromise the adjacent teeth as these teeth have to do the work of the lost tooth. Also, there is a higher possibility of tooth decay over time. It is difficult to maintain good hygiene around the bridge, thus, lowering the long term success rate. A single tooth dental implant, when placed and maintained properly, will last a lifetime. Also, it would function and look just like the lost natural tooth.
    • Loss of multiple teeth: Dental implants can be used to form a bridge while replacing consecutive multiple missing teeth in a quadrant. This provides ample stability and does not affect the natural teeth in any way.
    • Replacing all teeth: Earlier, the only way to rehabilitate full mouth dentition was to fabricate a removable denture. With newer techniques, such as all on four dental implants, four dental implants are strategically placed to allow for a more secure, comfortable, immovable denture. The implant-based dentures are known for their aesthetics and functionality which are at par with the natural teeth.

Dental Implants Makes you Smile:

Loss of teeth also affects a person’s confidence. Dental implants not only help in the functionality of the teeth but also help in restoring the confidence by providing a natural smile and youthful appearance. Since dental implants are permanent like natural teeth and can last for a lifetime if taken care of properly, it is the best option for replacing missing teeth.

At ivory smiles dental clinic, the only world recognized and the best implants are used for our patients. We urge our patients not to compromise on the quality (material and make) of the dental implant being used. The lesser quality of the implants ultimately affects the longevity of the implant. Do it once do it right is what we believe in. To know more about the dental implant procedure, duration of treatment or cost, you can reach out to Dr. Amruta Dash, our chief implantologist at 9008647868/080-42229797.

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