Are you shy about showing your pearly whites in photographs? Do you catch yourself
smiling with your lips closed on purpose? Maybe you have gaps in your teeth. Perhaps a few
teeth are too forward. It could be that crooked teeth make you conscious about smiling
openly. If you answered yes to any of those, then brace yourself and read on.
Worry not, all of these issues can be solved with braces.

What are Teeth Braces, and how do they work?

Teeth Braces are small attachments we place on your teeth to guide them into an aligned
position. This makes the teeth straight and balances the bite. As daunting as it seems, it really
is very simple.

The braces specialist, or orthodontist, places the braces on the teeth and connects them with a
wire. And we see the teeth gradually straightening into alignment in 10-12 months. Treatment
duration varies depending on the goals we set with the treatment plan.

Who is it for?

The best age for Teeth braces is between 12 and 15 years old. The bone is softer in children
of this age, and any treatment is easier to do at this point. It is, however, a myth that braces
are limited to young children alone. Adult orthodontics is very popular, where treatment can
be done at any age up until the late 50s.
The success rate for Teeth braces depends on the age at which one gets started and what
unique treatment goals have been decided by the patient and orthodontist. The effectiveness
of treatment depends on the person and their ability to listen and consider their orthodontist’s

Things to watch out for are:

> Underbite
> Overbite
> Open bite
> Teeth that are far apart and have gaps
> If food becomes stuck between your teeth,
> Lisping
> Visibly crooked or crowded teeth
> Problems with biting on one or both sides
> Misalignment of the jaws (one jaw is larger or smaller than the other)

What are my Options?

In this day and age, we have become more image-conscious, and the thought of a metallic
smile can be repulsive. But because of advanced technology, we are lucky to have a few more
options with teeth alignment. Apart from the old school metal braces, we have ceramic
braces, which are an aesthetic-friendly option. We also have clear aligners, which are a
100% aesthetic option.

Self-ligating braces are the most popular choice as they act faster than conventional options.
They are also better for oral hygiene due to their smoother surface and smaller size. The best
thing about self-ligating braces is that they can help create more space in teeth that are
crowded, avoiding the need for extraction in many cases.

Seeking medical help

To start any orthodontic treatment, we would first examine one’s teeth and face. In this
appointment, we see the alignment of the teeth, and the symmetry of the jaws, i.e., how they fit
together while biting. We also thoroughly examine the face, where we see how the present
status of the teeth is affecting the lips and the face as a whole.
We then take a look at relevant x-rays of the teeth and face to make a diagnosis. This helps us
design a customized treatment plan with specific goals.
Once this crucial step is done, we can start placing the braces on the teeth and get you started
on this special transformative journey.
It’s amazing how the little things make a big difference. Braces could be the only thing
holding you back from stepping into that long-awaited confident smile.
At Ivory smiles dental clinic, we use only world-recognized Braces for our patients. We urge
our patients to choose the best and not compromise on the quality of Braces. Diagnosis and
treatment planning are two of the most important areas we concentrate on, resulting in the
most effective and smooth treatment.

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